The Infamous Chase 5/24 Rule

In the ‘Free Travel‘ Game, Chase is regarded as the Best Card Issuer out there, as they have a bulk of the market share and tie ins with many hotels and airlines, PLUS a few amazing cards that earn ‘Ultimate Rewards’ Points.

Unfortunately – Chase does not take too kindly to our gaming the system and winning Free Trips on their behalf.  They have to balance their love of money and new customers with not being screwed over by folks like us.  Their solution?

The Chase 5/24 Rule.

These are just some of the cards that will never grace your wallet if you get too greedy!

Chase will NOT approve you for Many of their credit cards if you have had more than 4 newly opened personal credit card accounts, across all Issuers, in the past 2 years.  That basically means if you see a card on your Credit Report from 2 years ago, Chase sees that information as well.  And they will deny you if you apply for any of their sweetest cards in this list:

  • Sapphire Preferred / Reserve
  • The less desirable Freedom and Slate cards
  • All Ink cards – which are Business Cards
  • All the Southwest cards
  • All United cards
  • Marriott Personal but not Biz


Is there a work around?  Kind of… Business cards do NOT Show up on your Credit Report, and thusly do not count towards that number.  However, Chase Biz cards – which don’t show up on your report either – May Count, as Chase is able to see that information when you apply… Recent data points however suggest that they do NOT count them towards your 5-24 count currently.

If you are new to this game, it is important to plan ahead and get your Chase cards FIRST, and make sure you have a UR Earning card that you don’t mind paying the annual fee on.  I recommend Chase Sapphire Reserve OR Ink, depending on the amount of travel you’re thinking about doing each year… If you’re not a fan of fees, Ink is only $95 a year.

After you have exhausted most of the Chase Family of cards that you’re looking for, you can Churn Amex, Citi, Bank of America and Barclay’s more aggressively, and save THESE NON-5/24 Cards for later:

  • Chase IHG
  • Chase Hyatt
  • Chase Ritz-Carlton
  • Chase Marriott Premier (Biz Version)
  • Chase British Airways

Reddit has posted a guide to those who are UNDER 5-24 – most likely yourself – and the best approach to Churning to maximize your benefits and maintain a good relationship with Chase here.

Also, don’t get more than 2 Chase Cards within 30 days or you’ll piss them off.


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