Why SouthWest RapidRewards is the Best Card for US Travel

Is SouthWest the Best Frequent Flier Credit Card?

When people ask me ”What’s the Best Card to earn Miles on?”  I usually ask where it is they want to go.  If its within the US including Puerto Rico, then the answer is by far any of SouthWest’s RapidRewards cards from Chase.  They service all major cities, and include routes to Cancun, Punta Cana,  Montego Bay and Nassau as well.  The beauty of SouthWest’s program is the flexibility you have in Fares, combined with their already low prices.  While many airlines have  a ‘fixed price’ for any given one-way trip, SouthWest gives you the ability to choose your dates based on their ‘cost in points’ (or $)

...how badly do you need to leave on a Saturday?
…how badly do you need to leave on a Saturday?

As you can see, the prices vary greatly depending on when you leave, so there are technically no ‘Black out dates.’  This is more favorable than say United, where it will cost you 25,000 no matter what / where you go, AND there’s a good chance you won’t find opportunities like this only 2 months out.

Roughly 16,000 points and $11 gets you a Round-Trip Flight to Puerto Rico! That’s enough for you and two friends to have a nice vacation using just one of their cards.  Not sure where to go?  Here’s a list of their destinations from a Cleveland-centric perspective:



If a Pragmatic ‘cost based‘ approach to free flights wasnt enough, here are a few more reasons to love SouthWest:

  • One OR TWO Bags Fly Free!
  • The Most Incredible BOGO Offer You’ll Ever Experience – The Companion Pass
  • Mildly humorous airline attendants
  • 3 Credit Card Options – 2 Personal 1 Biz –  You only need two to get the Companion Pass 110,000 points
  • In my experience, good customer service
  • Did we mention your wife/friend can fly free for damn near TWO YEARS with the Companion Pass?
Pick 2, and you're 94% done with your Companion Pass Requirements!
Pick 2, and you’re 94% done with your Companion Pass Requirements!

My advice:  Apply for the Plus and Premiere or Business version card at the same time, and with any luck you’ll be approved for both with only one ‘credit pull’.  If that fails, you can always apply for the one you didnt get 2-11 months later.

Chase SouthWest Plus – Using this Referal Link helps a friend of TravelingTricks!

Chase SouthWest Business Version – 60,000 Points, making it easy to knock out the 110,000 Requirements

SouthWest Premiere – Also 50,000 Currently (Random Referral Link)

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