How to Buy BitCoin with a CreditCard (and other E-Currency)

How to Buy BitCoin with a Credit Card

…and why this is potentially one of the easiest Manufactured Spending techniques around at the moment.

By now even your Grandma is asking ‘how do I cash in on this CryptoCraze?’.  You might not have the vaguest idea of how BitCoin works, but you can make $10 by ‘Investing’ as little as $100… Which can be funded by a Credit Card.

The Catch?  You’re looking at $4% Credit Card fee and a $1.00 CoinBase fee.  Plus a 2% fee to withdraw to US $ if I’m not mistaken.  However, the fee might vary depending on your currency type.

I’m not sure why my Fee % isn’t as high as the 3.99% they advertise… I used a Chase Ink card FWIW.  Barclays or Capital one and others will get you 2% – in cash back rewards . With the $10 fee and $1 coinbase fee-   You can invest $250 and be sure to get your money back  – when you factor in the cost of the credit card load and the fact that they give you $10 immediately.  The process of verifying your identity and purchasing one of the 3 E-Currencies CoinBase offers took about 5 minutes.

 My Advice?  Invest only when you’re pretty sure that its gonna go up 2% to cover the difference (see pic.)
–  Easier said than done of course, but if you watch the dips and dive (Beta) of a Stock (or Coin) you can semi-predict when its ‘Low’ vs peaking during the day… And then Hold on to it for a while, forget you own it, and wake up in 2025 with thousands of dollars in virtual currency to retire on.

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  1. proverbialfunk says:

    2018 Update: I probably wouldn’t buy BitCoin… But as a Manufactured Spend technique – You can still buy a bunch, sell a bunch, and the fees will be comparatively low for spending $1-4K in real money to buy fake money and then transfer it back to you r account as real money again.

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