How and Why to Get the SouthWest Companion Pass

If you’re here, its because you have at least one friend (or God-willing, a Loved one) and want to travel the US/Caribbean with them for FREEish.  The Companion Pass basics are outlined in SouthWest’s own words below:

EARN...or Churn?
EARN…or Churn?

If that’s unclear, what it means is that when YOU buy a ticket with EITHER Points OR real Money, your Companion gets to hitch a ride for FREE!*  Less the Taxes/Fees which usually amount to under $12

Do my 50,000 SouthWest Points earned on one of their fancy cards count towards that end?  YES!  They most certainly do… and if you get two of them, you’ll be 94% of the way there!

Does my $69 or $99 Annual Fee count towards that endeavor?  It does NOT.  You will be awarded No Points and may God have mercy on your soul.

How long does the Companion Pass Last?  Here’s where it gets mildly tricky.  The Companion Pass starts the statement after you hit the 110,000 Points, and is good for The YEAR in which you get it, AND the Following Calendar Year!

Your best bet is to apply for the card in December (or late Nov), and then hit the $2000 minimum near the end of December, or January if you don’t want to stress yourself out.  If you Apply in November, and spend $2000 right away… You will be doing a grave disservice to yourself and loved ones.  If you Apply in January, you’ll be safe in that you’ll likely get the Companion Pass in March if you use my ‘Minimum Spend Techniques’.   This would mean you can travel with a spouse or friend, for ALL of 2015, and 2016 – Using the 110,00 points you’ve just accrued.

Using this Travel Trick, my wife and I were able to go to Florida, Puerto Rico, New Orleans and Texas all in one year, BOGO.

If you fly SouthWest with a loved one, my biggest piece of advice is to ‘PreCheckIn Early!’ so you get a better ‘spot in line’ via their check-in process…  Southwest is fond of the Free Market system – and those who dilly dally with Checking In get ‘spots in the back of the line’… Which means the likelihood of you sitting next to your spouse is <30%.  All Southwest flights give priority to the fools who pay for seats (Business class)  and the ‘downside’ of utilizing their ‘Wanna GetAway‘ Fares is that you DON’T get Priority Seating.  Still… if you just tell someone in the middle seat you’re on your honeymoon, they’ll likely move over for you anyways.

You can obtain the Companion Pass by getting any two of these 3 cards below, and then spending an additional $6000.

Pick 2, and you're 94% done with your Companion Pass Requirements!
Pick 2, and you’re 94% done with your Companion Pass Requirements!

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