Current Deals and Other Churning News

Sometimes a new Credit Card Sign-Up Offer might seem ‘Too Good to Be True’ – and might not be around for long.  If that’s the case you have to strike while the iron is hot.  Here you can find a list of Last Minute Opportunities and Current Deals that may be Expiring Soon , as well as news relevant to ‘Churning.’

If you’re NEW to Churning Credit Cards for Free Vacations, be sure to check out our guide here.

February 2018 – Both the SouthWest Personal Plus and Premiere Cards are back up to the 50,000 Point Offer!  The Business Card is still at 60,000 – making the BOGO Companion Pass easier than ever to get in the beginning of this year!

You can also get 75,000 Amex Membership Rewards points for $0 using the same ‘Phone Trick‘ we talked about earlier.  DoC Writes about the Business Rewards GOLD card here, which has no fee the 1st year unlike the more prestigious Platinum cards.

Until the Bubble Collapses


Yes, You CAN Buy BitCoin on CoinBase and other associated E-Currency such as BitCoin, Etherium, and LiteCoin.  While they are not likely to continuously double in value, they apparently only go up and come with no risk at all.*

The real benefit is not so much the hopeful appreciation, but the fact that you can get a $500-1000 Travel Reward from various credit cards for spending $2-10K.  While I wouldn’t recommend putting $2K down on a risky investment that takes 4% off the bat, If you think BT or other Crypto Currencies will appreciate that much in less than say a month, its a pretty easy way to meet Minimum Spend Requirements.

More on BitCoin Investing here.

June 2017

There’s an unprecedented BEST OFFER for the SouthWest Family of cards going on just this month!

How about an extra 10,000 Points, for Nothing?

What’s better yet is that for a limited time you can get ANY of the SouthWest cards (Biz/Plus/Premiere) and snag 60,000 Points EACH!  This makes acquiring the coveted Companion Pass so much easier, and you only have to spend a total of $4K to do so.

The SW Business Card is also 60K at the moment.

The value of a SouthWest point is about 1.6 cents when redeemed on their airlines, so these cards give you about $960 value right off the bat… But if you get BOTH, youll have the 120,000 required for the Companion Pass, where its BOGOville for the next year and a half!

They do come with annual fees, but in this case they are well worth it. And you can now fly to the Caribbean with SouthWest, and Costa Rica!

Chase Ink Biz

Additionally, the Chase INK Preferred Business Card is also at a high offering of 80,000 UR points.  These points can be transferred to United and SouthWest among other airlines and hotels, but would NOT count towards your Companion Pass #.  This card is featured on our Top Cards page for more details, but its a great card to start off with if you have a real (or ‘new’) business, and don’t have definitive Travel Plans yet.


March 2017 – Highest Ever SPG Bonuses for Both Cards!

35,000 Personal & Business versions

The Starwood Preferred Guest Card (SPG)  is an Amex branded card with arguably the best ‘Points per Stay’ values.  its usually a 25K bonus, and twice a year it hits 30,000 points…. Now for a few more days, you can get 35,000 if you spend 3K in 3 months and 2K more by 6 months!

Amex SPG Personal 35,000
Act Now! Offer Expires 4/5/17!

Earn 25,000 bonus Starpoints® after you use your new Card to make $3,000 in purchases within the first 3 months and an extra 10,000 bonus Starpoints after you make an additional $2,000 in purchases within the first 6 months

$0 introductory annual fee – $95 after that… So cancel 11 months from now  =)

You can get 35,000 for the Personal Card, and 35,000 with the Biz version and have a total of 83,000 SPG Points… Enough to fly Business class on ANA Airlines to Japan or the Philippines!

The Business Card spending requirements a little tougher:

Earn 25,000 bonus Starpoints® after you use your new Card to make $5,000 in purchases within the first 3 months and an extra 10,000 bonus Starpoints after you make an additional $3,000 in purchases within the first 6 months. Offer ends 04/05/2017.

The real value of SPG points lies in their Flexibility.  They can be transferred to many different airline programs, Marriott a rate of 1:3, and even be used to help you get the Companion Pass for one more month!


From now until June  22nd, you can get the best deal on the 75,000 MR Point American Express Platinum Mercedes Benz card!

Not interesting in purchasing a Benz?  Who Cares.

This card will get you enough points to travel from Cleveland to London in BUSINESS Class on AsiaMiles (80K), or bring a friend with you for free* flying with Iberia!  Or Fly from New York to Hanoi Viet Nam on Air Canada for 75K.  There are many possibilities, which you can break down yourself via AwardAce.

Amex Benz Plat Traveling Tricks

The American Express Benz Platinum comes with a hefty $475 fee, which sounds like a lot.  However there are $500+ worth of benefits that immediately come with the card, making it well worth it.

  • $200 worth of Airline Fee Reimbursements in 2016
    • This can be ‘Incidental Airline Expenses’ like fancy drinks on the plane….
    • …OR if you’re clever, download the United Milage X App.  Use the card within the app to purchase $4 $50 Amazon (or other) Gift Cards.  Those charges will be reimbursed in a few days since they show up as Travel Charges on your Amex Statement.
  • Free TSA PreCheck or Global Entry – They reimburse you for the Fee  ($100)
  • $200 worth of Airline Fee Reimbursements in 2017
    • Do the same trick above for a total of $400 in Amazon gift cards.
  • $100 Towards Mercedes Benz Accessories purchased in the dealership
    • Not amazing, but you’re already at a $25 profit by having this card
    • You can get a nice polo, Benz mugs, or 14 really nice water bottles of varying styles.
  • Centurion Lounge Access
    • Available at a handful of international airport hubs in the US, these locations give you a relaxing time at the airport
    • Free Booze, The Good Stuff
    • Free snacks
    • Free Meals.  Legit, replacement for dinner meals.
    • Better WiFi
    • Comfortable Seating
    • …and sometimes, a shower / massage!

There are other benefits that come with the card as well.  75,000 Membership Rewards Points can get you a round trip ticket to just about anywhere via Transfer Partners!

Act now, Offer ends on June 22, 2016!

Pick 2, and you’re 94% done with your Companion Pass Requirements!


The 50,000 Point SouthWest Deals are back!  If you already got one of the 50K SW cards this Winter you’re halfway onto your Companion Pass.  If not, You can still get their Business Card and Chase SouthWest Plus Personal for a grand total of $168.  You’ll meet the Minimum Spend Requirement for those, and then be sitting on a 104,000 pile of points.   110,000 Gives you a Companion Pass, which literally means BOGO when using those 110K points to fly you and a friend ANY where SouthWest Flies.


In other last minute news…

The Chase Ink 60,000 Business Card will only be available until May 25th, so unless you WANT to miss out on an extra 10,000 Ultimate Rewards Points (which can be transferred to various Hotels and Airlines 1:1) – I would act quickly.

ChASE Ink 60k
Act now! Before they change their minds!


Update:  May 6th, 2015 –  Sad, Sad News…

Target RedCard is no longer allowing Credit Card Loads.  This means that the EASIEST way by far to ‘Churn’ Credit Cards, up to $5000 a month – will now take a lot more work.  You can still use RedCard to liquidate ‘certain gift cards and prepaid debit cards’ – but the process is slightly move involved.  You can read about it here on Reddit.

TL;DR:  You have to buy a ‘Simon Mall Gift card (using your credit card) – and Unload THAT at Target using the RedCard.


February 2015 Credit Card News:

 (Update – Offer no longer available now that US Airways has merged with American Airlines)

Last Chance to get a US Airways Card Before the American Airlines Merger

US Airways March


You May be aware that US Airlines and American Airlines are Merging.  There are already plans to merge the two separate  airline’s Frequent Flyer Programs.  However, if you act now, you can obtain 50,000 US Airways Dividend Miles with relative ease.  These miles will DEFINITELY Become AA Miles sometime in 2015.  If you don’t have any current travel plans using these airlines, You can pick up another ‘American Airlines’ Card in 2016 and easily amass 100,000 total AA Miles.

Barclays is the issuer of the US Airways branded card, which means it will give you more variance across your churning accounts, since their only other offering is the Arrival+ Card.  When the Merger is finally completed, it is likely they will extend the life of your ‘New AA Points’ by at least a year.  If not, getting a new AA Card in 2015 or 2015 will surely do that as well.

Bear in mind this card does come with an $85 Fee.  However, this would be a great time to set yourself up for a First Class Domestic or otherwise expensive ‘Across the Pond’ trip in the future.

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