Credit Card Application Rules to Be Aware Of

Amex, Chase, and Citi Application Rules to Know

As we discussed in the Chase 5/24 Post, Chase doesn’t take too kindly to folks opening up a lot of NON-Business Cards in the lats 2 years… However they aren’t the only ones to frown upon this hobby.  While they have the strictest of the ‘rules’ to limit Credit Card Churning, their competitors implement similar tactics that you should be aware of.

Rather than re-invent the wheel, I’m simply going to link you to 10xTravel’s write up on the Citi and Amex Cards below:

Citi Points Rules

The Gist:

  • All cards fall into different ‘Family Groups’ – separated by business vs personal, airline vs specific hotel etc.
  • There is only One Bonus Per Card Family Per 24 Months.
  • One Personal Card Within 8 Days / Two Personal Cards Within 60 Days
  • One Business Card Within 90 Days.

Amex Rules

The Gist:

  • Two credit cards every 90 days
  • No more than FOUR Credit Cards active at any time
  • Business Cards Do Not Show On Personal Credit Reports
  • The Worst one: One Bonus Per Card, Per Lifetime
    • This might be only 7 Years
    • Different ‘flavors’ count as different cards. IE Benz Platinum and Reg Platinum are 2 different products


You can Plan your best approach to maximizing your sign up bonuses by following this flowchart. (Reddit)


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