Credit Card Strategy Consulting for Businesses

Business Travel Consulting  

There are a few different types of organizations that can use Credit Card Points to their advantage:

  • Companies who send employees to conferences, trade shows, and training seminars
  • Organizations who provide on-site consultants to their clients
  • Larger enterprises that handle accommodations and flights for their internal personnel
  • Small businesses that just want to get something more out of the $1K+ monthly expenses they incur

If your business would like a higher return on the money they’re already spending, can help you reach those goals.  Our Team can create a customized Credit Card Plan based on your unique spending habits and purchasing categories.  We are also able to help you on the Redemption side, so you can get the most out of the valuable points you earn.


Other Benefits:

  • Reward your employees with Free Vacation Packages – at no cost to you
  • Ensure that your top executives never have to wait in line via TSA-PreCheck Benefits
  • Take advantage of Free Car Rental Insurance, Cell Phone Insurance, and Extended Warranty offers
  • Relax in Free Airport Lounges whenever you travel for business or pleasure
  • Get Hotel and Airline status across multiple chains
  • Enjoy lie-flat seats in Business class, or stay in 5 star hotels


If you don’t have the time to invest in reading all about Travel Hacking, but don’t want to throw away thousands in missed opportunities, kindly complete the contact form on the right or Email us.


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