Chase Sapphire Reserve – The Best Card Ever?

Last August Chase tried to blow past their competition by offering the undisputed ‘Best Card Ever‘  – The Chase Sapphire Reserve.

Normally when someone asks ‘which is the best card for me?’ I tell them it depends on their travel goals… but in many cases its the new’ish Chase Sapphire Reserve featured here.  You get $600 worth of travel credit*, a TSA PreCheck Credit, AND 50,000 Points.  (Previously 100K!)

The Catch?   You need a 700+ Credit Score to win this card, AND fall under Chase’s 5-24 rule.

Update:  This Signup bonus is now only 50,000 UR Points, and can only use the $300 Travel Credit Once.

Because of the new difference, its no longer ‘otherworldly‘ but still a solid offering… Its effectively $150 for 50K points, with a 3x bonus on Travel and Dining, opposed to only 2% with the regular Chase Sapphire.  However, the OG  Chase Sapphire is only $95 for 50,000 points…and still lets you transfer to UR partners and is easier for most people to manage.

Quick run down of the basic benefits:

  • Sign-up bonus of 100,000 50,000 Chase Ultimate Rewards after $4,000 in spending after 3 months
  • $300 Annual Travel Credit (automatically applied to your account) –  That includes Uber, AirBnB, Tolls, and airline and hotel purchases
  • Lounge Access –A version of Priority Pass Select
  • $100 Global Entry (or TSA PreCheck) Fee Credit
  • Redeem Chase Ultimate Rewards for a 50% Discount (compared to 25% bonus with the Sapphire Preferred) – INCLUDING Excursions like Zip Lining or Helicopter Tours
  • 1:1 Point Transfer to Chase Transfer Partners
  • 3x Earning on Dining & Travel Expenditures
  • No Foreign Transaction Fees

Downside:  $450 Annual Fee (Not Waived), $75 for Authorized Users

YES $450 sounds high, but you get $300 in Travel Reimbursement EACH CALENDAR YEAR- which means this card MAKES YOU $150 in profit, PLUS the value of points, which will be AT LEAST $1,040 in cash / much more if you redeem for points on a flight in the future.

100,000 Points can get you:

  • 4 Nights an an All Inclusive Hyatt, which includes Drinks/Food in 6 Caribbean locations
  • FOUR Round Trip Tickets to anywhere in the US
  • Various Business Class tickets to Europe
  • A flight from the US to the Philipines, with points leftover
  • A Flight to Anywhere on Planet Earth. (Most Points Tickets on all the transferable airlines max out at 80k)
  • 20 Nights at the Hyatt in Canton, OH.
  • Weeks at a night AirBnB
  • A Year of free Ubers
  • A Trip for 3 to Hawaii

…The list goes on and on

If you Apply for the CSR using this link a TravelingTricks Reader will get a 10,000 Point Bonus, and you get the same 50K + Good Karma  =)


Doctor of Credit has a list of other cards that offer Travel Reimbursement credits and tricks to ‘hack them’ for maximum value if that’s your thing.

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  1. FYI – At CLE Airport you can now use this to get $28 or $56 worth of FREE FOOD AND DRINKS every time you fly through CLEveland! This same concept applies to similar Priority Pass Restaurants in DENver and other cities as well!

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