Comparing Hotel Points – New Orleans [Hyatt, Hilton, & IHG]

French Quarter Hyatt
One of the hardest parts of determining which card to get, is the burden of figuring out 'which card gives you the most bang for your buck?'  specifically when 'paying' with points.  This matter is further complicated because each Hotel Line has 1-5 different types of Hotels, and 1-9 different 'Point Redemption Levels.'  Its hard to do a 'tit for tat' comparison unless you have...
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Current Deals and Other Churning News

Sometimes a new Credit Card Sign-Up Offer might seem 'Too Good to Be True' - and might not be around for long.  If that's the case you have to strike while the iron is hot.  Here you can find a list of Last Minute Opportunities and Current Deals that may be Expiring Soon , as well as news relevant to 'Churning.' If you're NEW to Churning Credit Cards for Free Vacations, be s...
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Keeping Track of your Credit Cards

Its Important to know when you open and close each card you apply for.  The Annual Fee on most cards can be removed if you wait more than 12 months, but that requires a call to Customer Service.  After 13, you might not get your annual fee back.  If you cancel AFTER the fee hits, you might get a free Hotel Night or other benefit, OR a Retention Offer ($ or Points) IF you call C...
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