Using Vanilla Gift Cards & Money Orders to Meet Minimum Spends

In 2016, a lot of the old fashioned 'easy' methods for MS are no longer viable.  However, there is still one tried and true method that only involves a little more work.  This option involves using your new CC to buy Visa Gift Cards, and then using the VGCs to buy Money Orders, which themselves can be used as fungible cash or deposited back into your account. The process is ...
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Useful Traveling Resources – Air and Hotel Redemption Guides

Links to Rewards Maps, Planning Tools, Points Calculators So you've got points and want to spend them.  OR you want to play a trip and get the best value from the cards you'll be signing up for.  Here's a great place to find how many points it takes to reserve a flight or hotel in various programs. We'll get Hotels out of the way first. For Hotels, has the ...
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Comparing Hotel Points – New Orleans [Hyatt, Hilton, & IHG]

French Quarter Hyatt
One of the hardest parts of determining which card to get, is the burden of figuring out 'which card gives you the most bang for your buck?'  specifically when 'paying' with points.  This matter is further complicated because each Hotel Line has 1-5 different types of Hotels, and 1-9 different 'Point Redemption Levels.'  Its hard to do a 'tit for tat' comparison unless you have...
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Credit Score Details – Churning FAQ

Most people immediately think opening 5 credit cards in a year as damning to your Credit Score.  The irony is is the opposite is often true. Credit scores are calculated by looking at the data found in a credit report. This includes the following: Payment history Length of credit history Credit utilization (total available credit / credit used) Types of credit used (revol...
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Last Minute Deals and Other Churning News

Sometimes an Offer 'Too Good to Be True' Might not be around for too long.  If that's the case you have to strike while the iron is hot.  Here you can find a list of Last Minute Opportunities and Current Deals that may be Expiring Soon , as well as news relevant to 'Churning.' June 2017 There's an unprecedented BEST OFFER for the SouthWest Family of cards going on just this m...
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EuroTrip – Italy Ireland & England on the Cheap

In 2012 I went on a Solo Trip to Italy, England and Ireland.  I had already been to Italy before, but missed out on Florence.  London and Ireland have always been high on my 'To See' List,  and I was excited to do some traveling Alone for the 1st time in my life. I was still new to the Credit Card Churning game at this point, and was happy just to use a $300 voucher from AirCa...
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How and Why to Get the SouthWest Companion Pass

Companion Pass Closeup
If you're here, its because you have at least one friend (or God-willing, a Loved one) and want to travel the US/Caribbean with them for FREEish.  The Companion Pass basics are outlined in SouthWest's own words below: If that's unclear, what it means is that when YOU buy a ticket with EITHER Points OR real Money, your Companion gets to hitch a ride for FREE!*  Less the Taxes...
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Why SouthWest RapidRewards is the Best Card for US Travel

Southwest Loves You
When people ask me ''What's the Best Card to earn Miles on?"  I usually ask where it is they want to go.  If its within the US including Puerto Rico, then the answer is by far any of SouthWest's RapidRewards cards from Chase.  They service all major cities, and include routes to Cancun, Punta Cana,  Montego Bay and Nassau as well.  The beauty of SouthWest's program is the flexi...
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How to Quickly Meet Minimum Spend Requirements

our haul from Japan
The 1st thing most people ask when they get into the 'Free Travel via Credit Cards' game is 'How am I going to spend $2,000 / $3,000 or in some cases $5,000 in 3 months?  If I had that kind of money lying around I wouldn't be tryin to travel for FREE in the 1st place!'  Fear not young Grasshopper, there are ways around that.  Some which essentially don't include you actually '...
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Keeping Track of your Credit Cards

Its Important to know when you open and close each card you apply for.  The Annual Fee on most cards can be removed if you wait more than 12 months, but that requires a call to Customer Service.  Ain't nobody got time for that. We use a simple Excel / Google Docs sheet that lists the following details: Card Name Date Opened Minimum Spend Requirement Min Spend...
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