Last Minute Deals and Other Churning News

Sometimes an Offer 'Too Good to Be True' Might not be around for too long.  If that's the case you have to strike while the iron is hot.  Here you can find a list of Last Minute Opportunities and Current Deals that may be Expiring Soon , as well as news relevant to 'Churning.' June 2017 There's an unprecedented BEST OFFER for the SouthWest Family of cards going on just this m...
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EuroTrip – Italy Ireland & England on the Cheap

In 2012 I went on a Solo Trip to Italy, England and Ireland.  I had already been to Italy before, but missed out on Florence.  London and Ireland have always been high on my 'To See' List,  and I was excited to do some traveling Alone for the 1st time in my life. I was still new to the Credit Card Churning game at this point, and was happy just to use a $300 voucher from Air...
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Honeymoon Trip to Japan

Tōdai-ji in Nara
Using a little bit of ingenuity and a few Credit Cards, my wife and I were able to take an amazing 12 day trip to Japan!  The Flights were just $98 (9-11 Fees) since we used United, which is nicer regarding fees and taxes when redeeming with points. The following cards were used to 'Finance' this Trip: United MilagePlus Card:  50,000 United Points (One for Each of us) ...
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Keeping Track of your Credit Cards

Its Important to know when you open and close each card you apply for.  The Annual Fee on most cards can be removed if you wait more than 12 months, but that requires a call to Customer Service.  Ain't nobody got time for that. We use a simple Excel / Google Docs sheet that lists the following details: Card Name Date Opened Minimum Spend Requirement Min Spend...
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Best Current Credit Cards

Tokyo Skyline from the Government Building
If you're already familiar with the benefits of Churning Rewards Points and just want to find the Best Credit Cards that are available now, look no further.  Here is a list of the Best Airline & Hotel Cards currently vying for the opportunity to finance your vacation. Credit Cards
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A Beginners Guide to CreditCard Churning

Hakone Art Museum
If you’re like most people, you’ve spent 51 weeks saving up for that one-week Dream Vacation.  You’ve searched online to find the Cheapest Flights and Hotels, and you might have even used Frequent Flier Miles for part of your trip.   You’re Doing It Wrong.   Want to Travel the World, for FREE? LEARN MORE
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