An Easy Way to Top Off & Earn More Marriott Points

You might find yourself in a situation like me, where you have 2,800 seemingly worthless Marriott Points.  You perhaps did $2,800 worth of spending on the ol’ Marriott Card you recently canceled to get those…. But you can’t redeem them for nights, magazines, OR anything fun.  Sure you can transfer them to SPG (at 3:1)  BUT, they only allow you to transfer in 1,000 point increments… screwing you out of 800 orphaned points.  Whatever shall you do!?

Just like with American Airlines, SouthWest, and other programs – you can ‘Earn’ Points without using a co-branded credit card OR spending nights at their hotels/planes.  For example, the NRG Electric Supplier Promo from 2017:

  • Free to sign up – and you’ll get points for each month you’re with NRG, posted to your Marriott account
  • Earn 10,000 Marriott Rewards points
    You’ll earn your bonus after your second month as an NRG Home customer.*
  • Earn Marriott Rewards points every month
    When you enroll with NRG Home, we want to reward you for being a loyal customer. That’s why you’ll get 2 points for every $1 on the supply portion of your electric bill.*
  • NO Cancellation Fees is key – You bounce once their rate is higher than the best available supplier

This one has an added bonus of 10,000 points, which is essentially a free night at a low quality Marriott property… Or better yet, 3,333 SPG Points, which I’d rather have.  Best Yet, in a few bills I’ll have 200 or so more Marriott Points, which will move my account total to 13,000+ – making the transfer an easy decision.  (No orphaned points!)

Unfortunately, they only offer this promo to SOME Service areas, and Cleveland Ohio serviced by First Energy is Not one of them  =(

You can click here for other ways to top off your Marriott rewards, the easiest being a conversion from Diner’s Club unfortunately.


Another fun Marriot Trick, is canceling their card AFTER the Annual Fee comes due, so you can still get their Free Night Certificate without paying $85.  (They refund the fee when you call to cancel the card…The Cert ‘lives’ in your Marriott account, unbeknownst to Chase)

These Certs are generally good for ‘ middle of the road ‘ hotel stays, but still worth $85+ in my opinion…

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