Amex Biz Platinum – $10K Spend for 100K Points Phone Trick

The current (Average) Offer for the American Express Platinum Card is spend $10K, get 50,000 Points, and another 25,000 points when you spend another $10 Grand in THREE Months.  Even with Manufactured Spending this would be tricky, but for some folks, there’s an alternative.

AMEX BIZ Platinum – Not the same as Personal! Nothing gets reported to your Credit Report. (Which is Good if you enjoy this hobby).


I called  855-854-2682.  [old # was 1-800-971-6736]  and said my real business (ProEDI) had received an offer of $10K spend for 100,000 points months ago… (This might not be true  😉

I didn’t have the flyer/RSVP code.

The Rep said without an RSVP code she couldnt’ just honor my specific offer, BUT she was able to look up my Business Address, and said an offer was there… And that the offer she can give me happened to be 100K/10K (not sure if its a coincidence, or because I claimed that’s what the mailer said.)  She went on about all the benefits, I applied on the phone, and got instant approval in about 20 minutes.  I did have an actual business EIN which may have helped, but you can also use your own SSN as a ‘Sole Proprietor’ as a person who sells things on Etsy/Ebay/Does Freelance work ETC.

Why would somebody want a card with a $450 fee?   Well for one, the Amex MR Points can be sent to MANY different Airline Partners.  One of which is ANA, and they have a very nice Business Class product that is only 85,000 most of the year… Flying from 6 cities in USA to Tokyo/Manilla and most of Asia.  This same flight would cost you $3,500 – $5,200 – so its an incredible return on investment.


Membership Rewards® Points – Amex Biz PLATINUM Benefits

  • 5X Points for each dollar of eligible purchases made when you book on the American Express Travel website
  • 1.5X Points per dollar on qualifying purchases of $5,000 of more (that’s an extra half point per dollar) with the Business Platinum Card®
  • Up to a $200 Credit a year for baggage fees and more on one airline
  • Global Airport Lounge Access Program – Centurion Lounge in 6 Cities is Sweet.
  • FREE Credit for Global Entry or TSA Pre✔
  • StarWood Hotels GOLD Status  (which = Marriott GOLD as well)
  • No Foreign Transaction Fees
  • and 50% Airline Bonus – [Now only 35% in 2018]
    • Use Membership Rewards® Pay with Points for all or part of an eligible fare and get 50% of those points back.  Eligible fares include First and Business Class tickets with all airlines available with American Express Travel.
    • Any fare class with your selected qualifying airline. (IE if you chose United, and ‘paid with points’ on Amex’s Travel site, and the flight was 50,000 points, you’d get 25,000 back a week or so later.)

Note:  The $200 Travel Credit is per Calendar Year, so you get $200 x 2 with this card.  That plus the TSA PreCheck is $500 worth of real value alone….before taking into account the points themselves.

You can use the $200 ‘Incidental Airline Credit’ on baggage fees, drinks, lounge access, or change fees… OR you can be a Conniving Jerk™ and buy Southwest or United American Airlines Gift Cards with the money and get reimbursed immediately

This card comes close to competing with the CSR, and since Chase only allows one to have 5 Chase cards in 24 months its a great addition to your wallet after you’ve ridden the Chase Wave, OR if you’re slow-playing them to get more out of your remaining Chase Slots.  BUSINESS CARDS DON’T COUNT!*

*Except For CapitalOne cards.  Their Business cards DO Show up on your Credit Report. 




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