American Express $100/$200 Airline Reimbursement Airline Gift Card Options

Best Options for your Amex Airline Fee Credit

Certain American Express Cards will give you an ANNUALCredit‘ Towards airline incidentals like luggage fees, drinks, seat upgrades, and other NON-Ticket items…  This benefit is often ignored because you have to choose yourfavorite airline‘ and then pay for the services with your Amex card.  However, This annual benefit is actually worth $100/$200 in cash, via gift cards to the top few airlines below:

  • Southwest – My Personal Favorite!  Southwest taxes/fees for award flights and $15 Early Bird Check-in counts, great if you’re a bigger family traveling together.  ProTip:  SouthWest does NOT charge cancellation or change fees! So if prices drop on your booked Southwest flights, Southwest will refund the miles,  and the tax/fee refund will stay on the original reimbursement from Amex.  This is an unethical way to convert the credit into actual liquid ‘cash’, though its a bit of a hassle.
  • Delta Airlines – Delta $50 E-Gift Cards can be purchased in multiple increments, IE buy 4 of them at $50 each to get your full $200 refund all at once.
  • American Airlines – $100 or less E-Gift Cards
  • Alaska Airlines $50 E-Gift card, $100 SHOULD also work

The Following either no longer work, or are too sketchy for me to safely recommend to you:

If you expect to incur a $100 or more fee naturally, by all means – select that airline and do your thing.  Otherwise, even if you plan to use points for all your flights from here on out, you can easily gift a Southwest gift card to your friends or family – or use them yourselves on taxes/fees.  If you didn’t have any SW Points, I would use the E Gift Cards over transferring your valuable UR points to SW.

To Select your Airline and do get your sweet, sweet gift card money:

Login to Amex, and select your airline.




Then, wait a day, and purchase your SouthWest (etc) Gift Card:

Its So Easy!












Repeat the process twice if you have the Platinum Cards for the $200 fee credit.  ($200 MIGHT not work!)

Then, check back to your Amex Account and you should see something like this:

That’s it!  Enjoy your free stuff!

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